Additional Fees

Additional Fees
The price quoted for your ride is based on drop off and pick up location provided at time of search. Please note that additional fees and charges may apply to your ride. If you incur additional fees, your credit card will be charged for the actual ride amount (ride estimate + extras – see below for examples) after the ride is complete. The following is a list of additional fees you may incur.

Pricing is based on pick up and drop off locations provided. Please note that tolls are not included in the pricing and you will be billed for any incurred toll charges after the ride is complete.

Grace Time:
Non Airport Reservations    5 Minutes
International flights            60 minutes
Domestic Flights                30 minutes

Wait Time
Wait time will be billed at the rate listed in your ride quote, plus other fees listed in your ride quote. Wait time is incurred after grace time from the scheduled pick up time, and is typically billed in 15-minute increments.
For Sedans, SUVs and Vans 
A fee of $.50 cents/minute is charged after the grace period  
For vehicles (Limousine, Hummer, Limousine Bus, Van Terra, Minibus or Motorcoach Bus) 
A fee of $1.00 /minute is charged after the grace period  

Parking will be billed at the actual cost to the operator plus other fees listed in your ride quote. Parking fees are typically incurred on airport pickups where the airport does not have a waiting lot, or when an inside pick up is requested; or for any requested stop where free parking is not available.

Extra Hours
Additional hours outside the original quoted ride duration shall be billed at the extra hours rate for the ride selected, plus other fees listed in your ride quote. Extra hours are typically associated with hourly services, and are incurred from the originally scheduled end time. If you do not start your ride on time, but the driver arrives at the scheduled time, and you retain the vehicle for the original number of hours requested, extra hours will be incurred.

Car Seats
Additional charges will apply for each car seat requested plus other fees listed in your ride quote. 

Meet &Greet Charges
Meet & Greet inside the terminal is available for the Meet & Greet for the ride selected plus other fees listed in your ride quote. When selecting Meet & Greet, you may be liable for parking charges in addition to the Meet & Greet fee.

Extra Mileage/Surcharges
Extra mileage is common on rides outside of the US where the base ride price includes a set number of miles or kilometers. Additional miles/kilometers are charged for mileage beyond the base rate. Rates may vary by country and operator, and are displayed on the Reservation Request page, in the booking path.

Clean Up and Repair Fees
Clean up fees may be charged when activity inside the vehicle leaves a residual odor or stains the carpet/upholstery, including but not limited to smoking, spilled food or drinks, foods with a heavy odor and vomit.
Repair fees may be charges when physical damage is caused to the vehicle including but not limited to rips and tears to the carpet, upholstery, or other soft materials; damage to moldings, door panels or other components.

Rules of Conduct:
1. No smoking is allowed in the vehicle.
2. Any unusual spill soiling or damage to the vehicle caused by the passenger will result in a $250 clean-up fee being charged directly to the credit card on file for the trip.
3. No alcohol permitted on the bus on Public Wine/Brewery/Spirits Tours, DC Tours or Day Trips.
4. No alcohol permitted on the vehicle if any minor (under 21 years of age) is present.
5. RLS representative/chauffeur reserves the right to refuse service to any passenger for any type of gross misconduct or inebriation.